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Treebranch Town

Treebranch Town (Japanese: ツリーブランチタウン), is one of the many towns located in North Region. It is famous for its resident Niko, the well-known mushroom extractor, who lives in the house with the red roof.

Players must come to Treebranch Town in order to gain access to Lakeside.

Treebranch Town is a quiet, relaxed town, and has no Poké Mart or Pokémon Center. Instead, there is a shop ran by Niko, which can only be accessable after accomplishing quest: Mushroom Maniac.

Treebranch Town is surrounded by trees and routes. It is located near the Digger's Cave. Ways out of Treebranch Town include Route 503 , Route 504 , and Route 502 .

Places of Interest

Niko's Marvelous Mushrooms

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Niko sells different perfect extracts as a weekly offer for 50,000 each. He also sells mushrooms of all colors. If the player has enough mushrooms to make an extract, he'll help you with the fee requirement of Ω10,000.

A sign outside the house reads "Niko's Marvelous Mushrooms".


Treenbranch Town's population is 16, right before Marmud Town.


  • The design of Treebranch Town is slightly based on the HeartGold SoulSilver design of Pallet Town.