A Poké Ball (Japanese: モンスターボール Monster Ball) is a type of capsule used for capturing Wild Pokémon. Kurt, a player in the Nintendo Games and a character in the famous Pokémon Anime, creates Poké Balls according to the old traditional fashion of devices fitted into Apricorns of all colors.

The strength of the Poké Ball is determined on how high it raises a Pokémon's catch rate, and will depend deeply on the condition of the Pokémon in the conditions of battling. A device fitted inside the ball has the ability to tame a  Pokémon and cause it to obey its master. However, this does not always work.

The Capture Theory

While suffering from conditions of battle, the wild Pokémon curls up inside the Poké Ball in an attempt to recover its strength. This is a move greatly encouraged by the ball as an act of submission, which is also the reason why it is most wisest to weaken a Pokémon before attempting to capture it.

Interior Designs

The inside of a Poké Ball is said to replicate a "Pokémon-friendly" environment that is "designed for comfort". The complete files of a inner Poké Ball is unknown, but is shown that there is such a thing called a "capture net"  as one of its basis. Bugsy, a Gym Leader in the Nintendo Games Series, carries a net around and explains that the technology of it was already employed in a Poké Ball, except he modified it so that it was visible.

In the Games

Of all 26 Poké Balls in known existence, Omega has only featured 4 - the common Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and the rare Master Ball.

The weakest and cheapest of all variations of Poké Balls.

Catch Rate: 1x

Dream Great Ball Sprite
 The Great Ball has a higher chance of catching a wild Pocket Monster. It is somewhat better and more expensive than the common Poké Ball

Catch Rate: 1.5x

The Master Ball never fails or misses to catch a wild Pokemon.

Catch Rate: 100x