Possible High Rate Pokemon from High Rate Pokemon Box
Possible Low Rate Pokemon from Low Rate Pokemon Case
The donations page on Pokemon Omega found here is the primary way to obtain premium and rare pokemon. It requires money whether it be dollars or euros which are directly donated to keeping the server and the site running. One needs to provide an In Game username that will receive the donation which is promptlty sent to the user with an In Game automated message thanking them.

A donation gives the user based on the euro amount Premium Boxes, in these boxes one can find an assortment of items to help the player like a Training Belt which increases the experience a pokemon gains for a set amount of time to the possibility of a High or Low-Rate Pokemon Case.

The High-Rate Cases have a chance to give the player anything from a swarm pokemon like a Beldum or Bagon to something not obtained otherwise like an Eevee or a Pichu. The case's pokemon are changed from time to time and a list of discontinued pokemon was complied to help create a rarity chart for the pokemon.

The only staff member that handles donations is Wuggles and it is advised that if you haven't gotten your donation within a week to PM him.

You get 1 Premium case per every 1 euro donated, have 5 euros donated and you get an extra box.
Donation Page