A club of players or friends that might compete.

Clans have a member limit of 30(previously 20) members. The rank is determined by the total TP (Trainer Points) of the players added together. If a player is kicked or leaves the clan by himself/herself, the TP of the user is substracted from the clan's TP. Together with a Clan name, clans can also make their own clan tag. This is displayed on the Trainerlist and Player Info pages.

Several clans have different activities. Some are clans who host private events. Some just are built for competing in the Battle Mansion. Others are there simply to be together, or to be there for the community. Some focus on being the highest ranking clan.

There is a time when all clans compete. This day is Wednesday, where every member tries to do Battle Mansion. The total completions are ranked and displayed on the Pokécenter page.

The clan must send an invite for you to join. To create a clan, the requirement is 10,000 Trainer Points.

The clans in this top 20 focus on rankings and Battle Mansion mostly. The current leading clan being The Omega Fire. Pokémon Omega Legends however, focus on uniting people who have made a difference to the community, and work together to help and improve this community, and also increasing their own bonds of friendship. Wings Of Destiny is one of those clans that just focus on being together and having a good time. Those three are good examples of the variety in clans. For more info, check the clans' own pages.

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